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Basic Info.

Model NO.
PLC-400 OpenPCS
Circuit Board + Engineering Plastics
Canopen Baud Rate Supports
1000K 500K 250K 125K 100K 50K 10K
Terminal Modules
up to 32 Bus Terminal Modules
Can Interface
One Open 4 Terminal
Supply Power
24V DC (-15%/+20%)
Input Current
70mA Total Gc-Bus Current Maximum 2.5A
Electrical Isolation
1500 Vrms
Pdo Mode Supports
Synchronization Looping Event-Driven Polling
Configuration Mode
Automatic Configuration
Starting Current
About 2.5 Times Continuous Current
IP Grade
IP 20
Transport Package
1PC in Small Box
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

China Best PLC Controller Manufacturer
Total 3 control modules
Honey! Please confirm your detailed requirements before payment, GCAN-PLC itself does not contain any IO points, if you need different IO modules, please contact us.
GCAN-PLC is a modular and scalable PLC module. It consists of a programmable main control module, several I/O modules and a terminal terminal module. Each module communicates with each other using an internal bus, and the user can program and control each I/O module independently. It can be used in almost any industrial field control and acquisition system.
China Best PLC Controller Manufacturer
Model Characteristic Communication bus
GCAN-PLC-400 CPU frenquency 168M 1*CAN+1*Ethernet+
1*RS232(or RS485)
Program storage:16M byte
Data storage:512K byte
GCAN-PLC-510 CPU frenquency 400M 1*CAN+1*Ethernet+
1*RS232(or RS485)
Program storage:32M byte
Data storage:16M byte
GCNA-PLC-511 CPU frenquency 400M 1*CAN+1*Ethernet+
Program storage:32M byte
Data storage:16M byte

Total 2 communication modules
Note: GCAN-IO-8000/8100 is not a PLC main control module, but a remote IO module. GCAN-IO-8000 is a CANopen adapter, and GCAN-IO-8100 is a Modbus RTU adapter.
China Best PLC Controller Manufacturer
Model Characteristic Communication bus
GCAN-IO-8000 Protocol:CANopen 1*CAN
Number of Nodes:1~127
Baud rate:10K~1000K
Maximum IO module:32
GCAN-IO-8100 Protocol:Modbus TCP/RTU 1*Ethernet+
Number of Nodes:1~247
Baud rate:600~115200
Maximum IO module:32
Performance CANopen adapter (GCAN-IO-8000) Modbus adapter (GCAN-IO-8100)
Node number 1~127 1~247
Baud rate 10Kbps~1000Kbps 600bps~115200bps
Power input 24V DC (18~36V)
Insert I/O module number 32 pieces (at most 32*8 IO point)
Dimension 100mm*69mm*48mm
Working temperature, humdidness -40ºC~+85ºC, 0~90%RH, without condensation
IP grade IP20
Module feature •  Standard CANopen slave station

•  Support 4 TPDO, 4 RPDO

•  Support 1 SDO, 1 emergency object, 1
   node error control object

•  Start to perdefine connection, suppor
   parameters store

•  PDO mode supports synchronization,
   looping, event-driven, polling

•  Configuration mode is automatic

•  CAN interface: one open 4 terminal

•  Input current, 70mA+ ( total GC-bus
   current), maximum 2.5A

•  Starting current: about 2.5 times
   continuous current

•  Power contacts: maximum 24V
   DC/maximum 10A

•  Electrical isolation: 1500 Vrms
•  Support standard Modbus protocol, a standard Modus slave station

•  Support Modbus function code:01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 15, 16

•  Support CRC validation

•  Support Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU communication (corresponding to two kinds
   of style)

•  RS485 interface adopts standard two-wires system

•  Serial interface baud rate supports 600bps~115200bps, configured by serial

•  The maximum number of bus terminals module is 64

•  Configuration mode is automatic configuration, expandedfreely

•  Ethernet interface supports static or dynamic IP acquisition

•  Ethernet interface supports heartbeat and timeout disconnection

•  Ethernetwork interface is fixed, target IP and target interface can be set

•  Automatic restoration of connection resources after the Ethernet interface is
   disconnected,and reliable establishment of TCP connections

•  Ethernet interface is compatible with the SOCKET working mode (TCP Server,       TCP Client,UDP, etc.). The upper computer communication software complies         with the standard SOCKET rules.

•  Input current, 70mA+ (total GC-bus current), maximum 4500mA

•  Starting current: about 2.5 times continuous current

•  Power contacts: maximum 24V DC/maximum 10A

•  Electrical isolation: 1000 Vrms (power contact/bus coupled powervoltage)

•  Standard DIN rail,designed for industrial design

Input and output modules
China Best PLC Controller Manufacturer
China Best PLC Controller Manufacturer
I/O Type Characteristic Signal Channel
Digital GC-1008 Digital input(PNP) 24V DC 8-channel
GC-1018 Digital input(NPN) 24V DC 8-channel
GC-1502 Counter(200kHz max) - 2-channel
Digital GC-2008 Digital output(PNP) 24V DC 8-channel
GC-2018 Digital output(NPN) 24V DC 8-channel
GC-2204 Relay output - 4-channel
GC-2302 PWM(20Hz~200kHz) - 2-channel
Analog input GC-3604 Voltage input, 16 bits -5~+5V 4-channel
GC-3624 Voltage input, 16 bits 10V~+10V 4-channel
GC-3644 Current input, 16 bits 0-20mA 4-channel
GC-3654 Current input, 16 bits 4-20mA 4-channel
GC-3664 Voltage inptu, 16 bits 0~+5V 4-channel
GC-3674 Voltage input, 16 bits 0~+10V 4-channel
GC-3804 2-wire PT100, 16 bits Thermal resistance 4-channel
GC-3814 2-wire PT1000, 16 bits Thermal resistance 4-channel
GC-3822 3-wire PT100,16 bits Thermal resistance 2-channel
GC-3832 3-wire PT1000,16 bits Thermal resistance 2-channel
GC-3844 K type thermocouple Thermocouple 4-channel
GC-3854 S type tyhermocouple Thermocouple 4-channel
GC-3864 T type thermocouple Thermocouple 4-channel
GC-3874 J type thermocouple Thermocouple 4-channel
Analog output GC-4602 Voltage output, 16 bits -5V~+5V 2-channel
GC-4622 Voltage output, 16 bits -10V~+10V 2-channel
GC-4642 Current output, 16 bits 0-20mA 2-channel
GC-4652 Current output, 16 bits 4-20mA 2-channel
GC-4662 Voltage output, 16 bits 0-5V 2-channel
GC-4672 Voltage output, 16 bits 0-10V 2-channel
GC-4674 Voltage output, 12 bits 0-10V 4-channel
Special module GC-6101 RS232/RS485 extension - -
GC-6201 GPRS extension - -
GC-6501 WIFI extension - -
GC-8012 Power extension - -

Fast system response

GCAN-PLC series uses the German enbedded real-time kernel system,which not only has strong real-time performance and processing ability,but also supports users to program with the 5 programming languages specified in IEC 61131-3 standard,including SFC,LD,FBD,ST and IL.Flexible use of familiar programming languages can shorten the project development cycle.

Integrate three Interface

GCAN-PLC series has been integrated with RS232,Ethernet and CAN,three common industrial fieldbus communication interface,which can be programmed to realize the bus communication and networking.if users want to realize Modbus,CANopen and other communication protocols ,we will provide users with sample programs for their reference.

Extend IO number randomly

GCAN-PLC series can extend the amount of IO module according to the users actual needs.Up to 256 modules canbe extended.users can freely choose the type of IO,such as:analog quantity module,digital quantity module ,etc.GCAN-PLC series is very small size,users can extend a variety of functions in a compact space.Can meet the need of different customers.
China Best PLC Controller Manufacturer

After-sale service

Our main products are all independent research and development.We provide one year free after-sales warranty,lifetime free software and technical support if you have any question,our after-sales engineer will answer for you,please feel free to purchase.

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